To delete and remove sensors from your Organization, you must to be an Org Admin with Site Admin permissions on the site that contains the environmental sensor(s).

Deleting an environmental sensor from Command will erase all of its data and reset it to factory default settings. This is a good way to reset the sensor and start over, move it to a different organization, or remove it if it is no longer needed.

Follow the steps below to delete an Environmental Sensor from Command Web:

  1. Navigate to Home

  2. Select Environment

  3. Click your sensor

  4. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner

  5. Navigate to the Device sub-menu

  6. Select Delete

  7. Complete the validation prompt

Follow the steps below to delete an environmental sensor from Command Mobile App:

  1. Click your sensor in the list

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click the Delete Sensor button

  4. Follow the prompts

Follow the steps below to bulk delete environmental sensors from Command Web:

First Navigate to the Devices section of command and select the Environment Sensors you would like to delete. You are also able to delete other Verkada devices in bulk in addition to sensors.

Select the sensors you would like to apply changes to by marking the check box to the left of the device:

You can also select all devices within the the site, or all devices in the org by clicking the black box with white vertical line through it.

Once you have selected your devices press the Delete button in the top right of the screen. Note, this may appear as just a trash can if you are viewing from web-mobile or a low resolution monitor.

You will also need to complete a confirmation prompt

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