The Verkada SV11 has an assortment of different environmental sensors that allow you to gain more insight about your building or monitor areas with no cameras.

Sensor Data

The Verkada SV11 outputs data on the following

  • Temperature - Room temperature

  • Humidity - Room humidity

  • Motion - If motion is detected by the PIR sensor

  • Noise Level - The noise level in the room in dB

  • PM 2.5 - Fine particulate level measured in microgrammes per cubic meter

  • Tamper - If the sensor is being tampered with

  • TVOC - Volatile organic compound level in the air measured in parts per billion

  • Air Quality Index - U.S. Air Quality Index, derived from multiple sensors

  • Vape Index - A combined index which represents the likelihood that someone is vaping in the vicinity of the sensor

Detail View

When you navigate to a sensor from the Environment page, it will default to a live output of whatever readings you have selected.

You can choose which reading you'd like to drill into for the detailed view below.

You can also change the date range with the drop-down menus above the graph. To return to the live sensor readings, select View Live on the right-hand side of the page.

As you mouse over the graph, the readings above will follow the time frame you select.

Select and drag a section of the graph to zoom into that timeframe.

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