Verkada Environmental Sensor's have an assortment of different sensor readings that allow you to gain more insight into your building or monitor areas where video monitoring is not allowed.

Sensor Data

The Verkada SV11 outputs data on the following:

  • Temperature - Room temperature

  • Humidity - Room humidity

  • Motion - Motion detected by the PIR sensor

  • Noise Level - Noise level in the room in dB

  • PM 2.5 - Fine particulate level measured in microgrammes per cubic meter

  • Tamper - If the sensor is being tampered with

  • TVOC - Volatile organic compound level in the air measured in parts per billion

  • Air Quality Index - U.S. Air Quality Index, derived from multiple sensors

  • Vape Index - A combined index that represents the likelihood that someone is vaping in the vicinity of the sensor

You can see a breakdown of all the different sensor readings here.

Detail View

When you navigate to a sensor from the Environment tab, it will default to a Today output of whatever readings you have selected.

You can choose which reading you'd like to pull up into for the detailed view to the right by selecting them from the list.

NOTE: When you select a reading from the list on the left, the Alerts section below will filter alerts for the selected reading. You can always view all alerts by changing the filter on the right to 'All Sensors'

As you scrub through the graph, the readings on the side will also follow the time frame you are hovering over.

Selecting a Time Range and Custom Date Range

You can also change the date range with the drop-down menus above the graph. To return to the live sensor readings, select View Live on the top of the list.

There are several preset options for understanding your devices environment over a range of time. There is also a Custom... option to specify a range of time from the calendar.

Keep in mind as your date range increases, the resolution of your chart will decrease.

You can also further define a custom range or preset by dragging the cursor over a selected amount of time. Custom ranges also gives you the extra option to further zoom in or out your resolution and range with the + and - buttons next to the date at the top. This can be useful in understanding how long term and macro changes in your environment, such as seasons, can effect the air quality or cleaning habits.

Data Retention & Resolution

The SV11 stores sensor data for 365 days. After the 365th day, the oldest sensor data will be overwritten with the newest data.

Data is stored as 1 second resolution for 30 days. For days 31 - 365, data is stored at a 5 minute resolution.

Exporting Sensor Data & Alerts

Users can export sensor data or sensor alert data via CSV by using the 'CSV Export' functionality.

Users can select 'Sensor Data' or 'Alerts' depending on what type of data they're looking for.

For sensor data, users are able to export data at various pre-defined resolutions (5s, 1min, 5min, 30min, 1hr, 1day). The table below shows the maximum resolution that can be exported for a given time range.

Time Range

Maximum Resolution

1 hour

5 seconds

1 - 24 hours

1 minute

24 hours - 30 days

5 minutes

30 - 180 days

30 minutes

180 - 365 days

1 hour

Once the user selects export, Verkada will send an email with the CSV attached. This process can take up to 10 minutes depending on the amount of data being requested.

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