Test Buttons

To make installation easier, the Verkada AC41 has four buttons to help test or emulate different events.

Note: The controller needs internet access in order for the test buttons to work.


Pressing the “Door” button will cycle which door is selected for testing. The selected door will have its corresponding LED turned on. IE if door 2 is selected, the LED under 2 would be on.

Once a door is selected the 3 LEDs below will indicate the status of the circuit.

Trigger Lock

LED on indicates the lock is “locked”. When the LED is off, the lock is “unlocked”

Emulate DPI

When the door is closed, the LED is on. Indicating that the circuit is complete. If the door is open the circuit is open meaning the LED is off.

Emulate REX

When the REX is triggered, the circuit is complete meaning that the LED is on. In the resting state, no one is being detected by the REX, then the LED is off.

  • No REX activity (no one requesting to exit) - LED Off (Circuit Interrupted)

  • REX activity (someone exiting) - LED On (Circuit Complete)

When you press and hold the emulate button, the controller will switch the current state of the DPI or REX.



→ Door Closed

Emulate DPI Pressed

LED OFF, Door Open

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