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Air Quality Dashboard Live Links and Pairing
Air Quality Dashboard Live Links and Pairing

Rapidly display your air quality dashboards with live links and screen pairing

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Sensor dashboards allow for customers to easily, view, analyze, and display sensor data across all of their sensors within their environments on a smart display or status screen. Accessing these dashboards from an external device is now easier and safer Air Quality Dashboard Live Links. Customers can now share and pair dashboards to any browser compatible device.

Sharing Dashboards

Dashboard sharing utilizes the same robust and secure system implemented in camera live links. To create a dashboard live link Navigate to the Air Quality section of command and open the Dashboards menu from the left-hand menu bar. For more information on configuring and using dashboards check out our article here.

Once you have created a new dashboard or selected one from the dropdown you will see in the top right a button to Share.

From here you will see the option to create a new dashboard link for a set duration of time. The longest permitted expiration at this time is 52 weeks. Once you're ready click Create to have your link's management bubble populate below. You can rename a link and see the time till expiration. You also have the option to copy the link to your clipboard with the Copy Link bubble, share the code via email, SMS, or by contact with the Send Link bubble, and Pair the link to a smart display with the Pair TV bubble.

Shared links, just like cameras, can be managed in the Shared links page of the admin section of command under All Products > Admin > Org Settings > Manage Shared Links. For quick access you also have the shortcut bubble labeled Manage Shared Links within the dashboard Share menu that will bring you straight to this page.

Pairing Dashboards

Dashboard pairing allows for the rapid deployment of Air quality dashboards on smart TVs and displays that otherwise would be difficult to send a link to or type on with a keyboard. Pairing works by sharing a Live Link as covered in the previous section based on a successful synchronization. Please keep in mind that this means anyone with access to the link within the address bar of the dashboard can open the dashboard on a different device. Ensure that the URL is hidden by default within your smart device, or hidden on full screen should this be a security concern to you.

Pairing can be accomplished from both the Pair bubble in the top right of the dashboard menu or from the Pair bubble within an already created live link as mentioned in the first section.

If not already specified you will see the option to create a new dashboard link for a set duration of time. The longest permitted expiration at this time is 52 weeks.

On your smart display navigate to:

You will see a 5 charterer code generated on the screen. You must enter the code into the pairing prompt in command before it expires.

Once the code is entered press Pair, and that's it! You're display will now redirect to your Air Quality Dashboard link.

To manage your dashboard Navigate to the Share bubble as previously mentioned in the first section to see the corresponding live link that was created, or go to the Manage Shared Links page of the Admin section of command.

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