Alarms Licensing
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How does Alarm Licensing Work?

LIC-BA-1/3/5/10Y Alarm License [REQUIRED]

The Alarms license is what gives users access to Alarms functionality in Command, including the ability to arm/disarm sites, 24/7 professional monitoring with video verification, and emergency dispatch capabilities. One license is required per physical emergency dispatch address and there is no limit to the number of trigger devices or Alarm sites.

LIC-BP-1/3/5/10Y Panel License

This license covers a single BP41 alarm panel. The panel has 32 inputs for 3rd party or Verkada wired NO/NC sensors with 6 AUX 12VDC to provide power to 4-wire NO/NC sensors and two 12VDC outputs to provide power to any signaling devices in the event of an alarm.

LIC-BC-1/3/5/10Y Console License

This license covers a single BC51 alarm console. The console has elements of a keypad, camera, panic button, and intercom combined in a single platform.

LIC-BH-1/3/5/10 Hub License

This license covers a single BH61 alarm hub. This alarm hub supports up to 60 wireless Verkada sensors and has a built-in battery backup to provide up to 12 hours of uptime in the event of a power outage.

LIC-CEL-1/3/5/10 year license

This license covers one cellular backup module. Includes unlimited cellular data across AT&T and T-Mobile networks with automatic fail-over for the BP41 alarm panel or BH61 alarm hub via USB plug-and-play.

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