Environmental Sensor Default Event Thresholds

Customers love staying on top of changes in their environment with the SV11 environmental sensor. To enable this functionality, SV11 sensor event thresholds allow customers to set and automatically create events when certain thresholds are exceeded for noise, high temperature, excess humidity, unsafe levels of particulates in the air, or even vape events. Users previously needed to define the threshold levels needed to trigger these events, and then could choose who should receive alerts so they can respond in real time.

With Default Sensor Thresholds, every new SV11 Environmental Sensor will – by default – register events when preconfigured levels are exceeded for the Vape Index, Temperature, Relative Humidity or Noise levels. More specifically, events will be created by default anytime the environmental sensor thresholds exceed the following levels:

  • Vape Index > 50

  • Temperature Low 47 High 92

  • Relative Humidity Low 20% High 80%

  • Noise > 105 decibels

With default event thresholds, users will see events populate in the above Sensors detail page by default:

While event thresholds will now be set by default for certain sensor readings, default event thresholds will not pre-configure any SMS, Email or other alert notifications. For events that are critical to the Organization, an administrator can enable alerts and choose which users should receive those alerts, and what alert format they should come in (SMS text or email). Administrators can also modify the default sensor thresholds based on their unique environment or business requirements.

Setting up Alerts on Existing Devices

Starting Thursday September 29, 2022, customers who have not customized thresholds will have the new defaults applied. To edit default events, thresholds or alerts, admins can navigate to the specific sensor detail page, select the Alert icon in the top right corner of the page, and preconfigure event thresholds, settings and alerts from there.

Additionally, for more information on customizing event thresholds or enabling alerts within the Sensor details page, please view the Sensor Alerts and Events article.

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