As part of the July 2022 release, two new features help customers save time and get more granular insights from our environmental sensors.

Save Time with Bulk Commissioning

For customers who are looking to deploy a large number of Environmental Sensors, we have features that can streamline the commissioning process.

Our Bulk Commissioning capabilities allows SV11 customers to quickly add multiple sensor devices - even an entire order - with a single click. When sensors are commissioned, the default sensor name now includes the associated serial number to allow for easier identification.

Along with this, we’ve added two improvements that allow administrators to quickly configure SV11 settings directly from the Devices page:

  1. Inline edit the name of a given SV11

  2. Edit settings such as offline notifications or enabled sensor readings, using the gear icon

In-Progress Alerts

We know how important sensor alerts are to our customers to proactively notify the right people so they can take action as needed. Customers will now be able to tell if an alert is currently active on the sensor details page. A red bell icon will display next to a sensor reading to let the user know an alert has been triggered and is still ongoing. The bell will disappear when the sensor reading returns to its normal state as defined by the user.

Administrators now have the ability to disable alerts on the Sensor Details page:

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