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Access Control Schedules & Exceptions 2.0 Update
Access Control Schedules & Exceptions 2.0 Update

User guide and how-to guide for Verkada Access Control Schedules & Exceptions 2.0.

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Verkada Access Control Schedules and Exceptions 2.0 brings an updated Command functionality and UX to door detail pages and door schedules and exceptions. This update makes it easier for Verkada Access Control customers to:

  • Set, adjust, modify and audit door schedules and settings.

  • Easily create exceptions and changes to schedules on a door or a site.

  • More easily build and apply door schedules to individual doors or groups of doors (vs door by door previously).

In addition to this new functionally, the door schedule UX redesign makes it easier for customers to manage their door schedules and capabilities with enhanced functionality and a more usable UX experience:

New UX and Color System

Schedules and Exceptions 2.0 features a new Exceptions and Schedules design and color coding system. All Door Schedules are displayed on their corresponding day and time window, and are managed on a per-schedule basis.

To add a new Schedule, simply select the day and time period you want to add a schedule to, click the time window, and a new schedule block will appear:

You can modify the Schedule time window with the From and To time selectors or by dragging and dropping the schedule. As you edit the schedule, the block will be crossed-out until the schedule is finalized.

You can also select the door status and time settings for the schedule in the Schedule popup window:

With Schedules and Exceptions 2.0, the Door Status is represented on all schedules with a corresponding color code for easy schedule viewing and management. All Unlocked door schedules are light blue. All Card + Code Entry schedules are yellow. All Locked door schedules are Red. This color system applies to all schedules being created as well as all schedules once created.

Users will also note that we now support exact time increments for schedules and exceptions. With this feature, users can specify their door schedules and exceptions to the minute – a major improvement for customers with specific time increments on the door schedules and exceptions.

Updated Door Detail Page View

The detail page for individual doors also follows the updated UX look and feel, with more intuitive coloring and selection bars within the History, Access Levels, Schedules and Settings tabs.

Adding or Modifying a Door Schedule

Customers can add a new door schedule in Admin > Access Control > Door Schedules.

From there customers can easily view, modify and edit existing schedules as well as add a new schedule:

Within an individual schedule, users can easily manage door schedules and capabilities – add lock or unlock times and set the associated Door Status (locked, unlocked, access controlled) of a specific door. In addition to easily setting access control times for a door, Verkada Schedules and Exceptions 2.0 makes it easier for customers to set different schedules and statuses within a single day and across a week:

In addition to easily specifying the specific Door Status and Schedules for a door, customers can also apply these settings to specific doors and sites - on both a door- and site-basis:

Access Levels Schedules and Exceptions

Access admins can access and modify the schedules and exceptions on a specific door by going to the Access Levels model from either the Access Control home tab or from Admin > Access Control > Access Sites > Access Levels. From the Access Levels page of a specific Access Site, users can manage any one of their Access Levels:

Within a specific Access Level, you can manage the Schedules and Exceptions themselves with the same user flow and functionality as above. As with other schedules, users can add door schedules to individual doors as well as floors that are assigned to a specific Access Level. Users can also add Access Groups to the Access Level to assign those users the access permissions of that Access Leve. All of this functionality can be managed from the Access Levels Schedules and Exceptions modal.

Individual Doors Schedules and Adding Exceptions

As with Schedules and Exceptions 1.0, customers can easily see the schedule of a specific door within the specific Door detail page for a door, under the “Schedules” Icon:

Under the Door Schedule tab, users will see the assigned Door Schedule (Default or Custom). Access Control Admins can also change the Door Schedule to a different pre-configured Door Schedule (from the Door Schedule Page) or create a new Door Schedule to match the needs of this specific door:

Lastly, the Exceptions tab of the Door Schedules page has been improved to allow users to more easily manage specific exceptions, view existing exceptions and add new exceptions. To view, add or edit exceptions, simply navigate to the Schedule Exceptions pane of the Door Page:

To add an exception, simply select “Add Exception” and either pick from an existing Exception or create a new exception. Once an exception is added, you can view the active exceptions under the Schedule Exceptions > All tab:

All exceptions and schedules will be displayed in the Exceptions tab using the same Locked, Unlocked, Access Controlled color system as other door schedules.

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