How to find your license key
Locate your license key so it can be added to Command
Updated over a week ago

The license key can be found in your Verkada order email for the devices you ordered.

If you did not receive an order email from Verkada with the license key, we recommend that you do the following.

  1. Check your spam folder: Sometimes the order email might be sent to your spam folder, so check if the order email is located there

  2. Ask the person who ordered the cameras: If the order was placed by someone else in your organization, they might have received the order email

  3. Ask your Verkada reseller: If your Verkada reseller handled the order, they might have received the order email.

If you or your reseller is unable to locate the order email, you can contact Verkada Support. To request your license keys, you must be an organization admin in Command, and you must send the request via email (using the same email as you use to log into Command).

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