We have launched our new Alert management feature, which allows you to set up more granular camera alerts. If you’re an organization admin, you can also assign those alerts to other people in your organization. This simplifies alert setup and management and helps ensure the right users are made aware of the right events. You can learn more about how to use the new Alert Management functionality here.

The new alert management functionality replaces our existing notification settings. To ensure you continue to receive the same notifications as before, we have carried over your existing notifications settings to our new Alert functionality.

For example, if you had subscribed to email notifications for Camera Status and Motion using our legacy notification settings (see picture below), we have created two new alerts called ‘Camera Status’ and ‘Motion’ on your events page, that will send you email notifications for the exact same events.

Example: Legacy notification settings

Example: New alerts that replicate the old settings

How do I update my alert settings going forward?

If you want to edit your alerts, you can click into each of them and make changes. For example, you can select a subset of devices that the alerts are valid for, or - if you’re an Organization Admin - you can assign the alert to other people in your organization.

For more information about how to set up and use our new Alert Management functionality, see our help articles for Events and Alerts.

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