Manage Alerts

Org Admins can easily manage the org's alerts from the Manage Alerts tab

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Note: This article is intended for Org Admins who manage and assign alerts at scale. If you’re an individual user of Verkada Command, we recommend you view our introduction to Events and Alerts for instructions on how to set up your own alerts in Command.

As an Org Admin, you can use the Alerts page to manage alerts across your organization.

In Command, you can access the Alerts page from All Products > Admin > Org Settings > Manage Alerts.

You can also manage alerts on your Alerts page: click the Settings (gear) icon next to My Alerts.

The Manage Alerts page shows an overview of the alerts that you have created or that have been assigned to you. On this page, you can:

  • Create new alerts or edit existing alerts.

  • Search through the alerts to identify those with specific events, sites, devices, recipients, and so on.

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