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Getting started with Events and Alerts
Getting started with Events and Alerts

Configuring events and setting up alerts for your Command account

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How events and alerts work

Verkada devices can be configured to generate events when something important happens. You can view these events on the Events page, and create custom alerts that will notify you or others when certain events occur.

Configuring your events

Before you’re able to view events or set up alerts, you need to configure your devices to generate events. For some events, such as camera status, the event is enabled by default. For other events, such as motion, the event must be configured on the device before you can view it on the Events page or generate alerts based on it. You can go to the device settings of an individual device to see what events you can enable for that device.

Viewing your events

All the events generated by devices in your Command Organization can be viewed on the Alerts Page. The Alerts page shows the events in descending chronological order, with the most recent event on the top. You can search the events if you’re looking for a particular type of event, events from a certain time period or other subsets of the events emitted in your Command Organization. You can also create alerts that notify you when an event occurs.

Setting up alerts based on your events

You can use Alerts to get notified if a particular event is generated by one or more of your devices.

To create your first Alert, do the following

  1. Navigate to the Alerts bell icon

  2. Click the + New Alert button on the left-hand side

  3. Select the event types you want to see events for

  4. Select the recipients of the event alerts

  5. Select the schedule for when you want alerts to be run

  6. Create a name for the event

  7. Optional: Organization Admins can also select additional users who need to receive the alerts as well

  8. Press Done to save the Alert

You will now get notified when any of the events you selected are generated by the sites and devices you selected.

If you are an Organization Admin, you can also assign the alert to other Command users or groups and select how they should receive the alert. If you do, they will see the Alert on their Alerts Page, and get notified of the events you have set up the alert for. You can add the users and groups you want to get notified by an alert using the search bar. For each user or group added, you can select if they should receive an email, SMS, or both using the pills next to the user or group name. Once you’re done, click Save.

Congratulations, you have now successfully set up your first Alert. If you need to mute the alerts from this filter, you can follow the instructions in this article. If you feel that you are receiving too many alerts, follow these steps to reduce the number of alerts you receive.

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