Camera Site Features

Breakdown of site features including how to reorder cameras

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Verkada sites have several features that make managing and viewing the devices in a site easier. This article details the features available for camera sites.

Note: These options are only available to users with Site Admin permissions


  1. Select the Cameras button from the All Products menu

  2. Hover over a site until the ellipsis ⋮ appear next to the site name

  3. Select the ellipsis ⋮ to view the site options

This menu has the following options:

    • Floor plans are a great way to plan and visualize your Verkada system. They can also be useful for a myriad of reasons, from historical activity hotspots to active motion detection.

  • Reorder Cameras

    • The reorder cameras feature allows users to change the order in which they see the cameras. This feature is helpful as it allows the user to prioritize the feeds they want to see in a specific order.

    • This feature displays all the cameras in the site as a grid.

  • View Site Stats

    • View trends of data usage for cameras at the site and individual level

    • You can share cameras in bulk to give people temporary access to a site, sub-site, or specific floor plan.

    • This feature allows a user to quickly add a device to a site with the site name already configured.

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