AX11 Event Bridge

Bring door events with video analytics into Command with the AX11 Event Bridge

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The Event Bridge feature on the AX11 allows customers to use their existing door contacts and access controllers by sitting between the 2 devices.

Some features include:

How it works

The door position indicator (DPI) (also referred to as door contact) ties into an input on the AX11 which then triggers the corresponding output that is then connected to your existing third-party access controller.

Once everything is connected, a simple toggle in Verkada Command enables Event Bridge on your new monitored door. From there, you can take advantage of the Verkada Platform.

Install Event Bridge on the AX11

Currently, you can install Event Bridge on the AX11 with a door contact. It sits between the door contact and the existing access controller.

Install door contact sensor

You can install the door contact sensor using the input on the top row of the AX11 and the same numbered output located below the inputs.

For example, if you use input 1 (IN1), you would use the output 1 relay.

In this example, IN1 is going to connect to the door contact sensor.

The output goes to the existing third-party access controller. When you wire the output on the AX11, you must use NO and COM to simulate the door contact properly.

In Event Bridge mode:



Enable Event Bridge in Command

You can enable Event Bridge by way of:

  • When you set up your monitored door for the first time

  • From the Installer settings

First-time setup

Once your inputs and outputs are installed and your AX11 is added to your organization, you're ready to program your monitored door.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to the Devices page and select your AX11. Once selected, you should see the Add Input option located in the top right.

    You should see the option to add a door monitor.

  2. Configure your door monitor:

    1. Name your door

    2. Set the location

    3. Select a camera to pair (optional)

    4. Select the input port (the number which you wired your door contact to)

  3. Once the input is selected, select Next and toggle on Event Bridge.

Enable Event Bridge from Installer Settings

If your monitored door is already set up:

  1. In Verkada Command, go to the Devices page.

  2. Find and click the monitored door you want to enable Event Bridge on.

  3. Click Settings.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Installer Settings.

    You should now see the toggle to enable Event Bridge mode and the dropdown to reconfigure the input port, if needed.

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