Verkada’s people analytics solution enhances our existing people detection features with face search, person attributes, person history, and person of interest (POI) events. These features give you the ability to identify and search for individuals in your camera footage, allowing you to quickly find meaningful events and save time during critical investigations.

To use Verkada’s people analytics features, no additional software or hardware is needed. This guide will show you how to optimize people analytics performance on your Verkada cameras.

To enable People Analytics on your camera follow this guide here.

The table below shows the maximum recommended distances for People Recognition and Face Recognition on our camera models.


Verkada’s people analytics solution is built with privacy and security in mind. The people search and history results are always kept within your organization and are securely encrypted at rest and in transit.

Verkada is also committed to providing customers with full visibility into and control over their security systems. People analytics features are disabled by default and must be enabled by an administrator. Robust audit logs enable customers to track usage of and changes to their environment in order to ensure compliance with regulation and internal policies. If a more granular level of privacy is needed, cameras can also be configured with privacy regions to block certain regions of the scene from being recorded or used with people analytics.

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