This article shows the necessary steps for mounting the indoor CM41 Verkada camera and the D40 camera on a wall.

Quick Video Overview

In the CM41 box

  • 1 CM41 Camera

  • 1 Mount plate fixed to the camera shell

  • 1 T10 security Torx screwdriver

  • 2 Mounting screws and wall anchors

You will need

  • A working internet connection

  • 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch or a PoE injector

  • A smartphone or laptop

  • A Phillips screwdriver or power drill with a #2 Phillips driver bit

  • 1/4 inch (6.5mm) drill bit for wall anchors

  • 1/8 inch (3mm) drill bit for pilot holes

  • 3/16 inch (4.5mm) drill bit for machine screws


  • Grasp the plastic mount plate strap and pull the cover off the camera.

  • Connect the camera to an 802.3af Power over Ethernet port on your network.

  • Screw the mount plate onto the wall.


  • On the bottom of the camera, rotate the mount plate clockwise until it stops and is lined up with its corresponding blue-colored notch on the camera base.

  • Firmly pull and separate the mount plate from the camera base. Remove and discard the plastic mount plate strap.


  • When placing the mount plate, take care to orient it such that your camera's target is situated within the camera pan angle.

  • If your cable is routed through a hole in the mounting surface, position one of the notches on the mount plate labeled "cable" as close to the cable hole as possible.

  • Use the mount plate to mark holes for mounting screws.

  • For a solid material like wood or metal, drill 1/8-inch pilot holes. Drive mounting screws directly into the pilot holes.

  • Route the cable snuggly between the camera base and the mount plate. Replace the cover on the camera. Be sure the magnets have pulled the cover flush against the mounting surface.

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