Command selects the highest quality footage available to play by default. While this is ideal in most situations, there are instances where viewing in standard definition makes sense. For example, when bandwidth utilization is a concern. We have a setting in the history player for when you only want to watch SD video.

Viewing history in SD instead of HD reduces the amount of bandwidth utilized on the network. The different data rates for each camera model can be seen here. By watching multiple cameras at the same time, or playing back footage at 2x or 3x speeds, low bandwidth networks can be saturated by the high data rate of HD footage. In this instance, playing footage in SD will result in less buffering and a better user experience.

To watch only SD footage, select the gear icon in the history player and check the Play only in SD box. To resume HD playback, uncheck the box.

Use the same process in multi-camera playback to view only SD footage.

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