Oftentimes it is helpful to see a live feed of all of the access control events generated in your organization. To view your buildings access control traffic in real time, click on the "Live" tab in Verkada Command's Access section.

Below you can see the live view of your site’s access control events. All reportable AC events such as Door Unlocks, Access Granted, and Access Denied events will automatically populate in the live view along with the camera footage closest to the door that was triggered. Door triggered events will be associated with the correlating camera footage.

Using the filter option, you can search for particular doors, sites, and users, and narrow your live view to only those events. This is particularly helpful when you are managing multiple buildings and you want to focus your surveillance on a particular site while ignoring other events. The filter bar also lets you change the time zones of events in the live view to align with the investigators current location.

Events through the Live tab can be viewed up to a week prior. To search for events past that, you can use the Reports tab in the far-left menu to review events going back as far as a year.

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