The Verkada SV11 is a multi-sensor, non-camera device with a wide range of applications for environmental monitoring. The device includes sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, air quality, noise levels, and motion.

Use Cases for the Verkada Environmental Sensor

  • Monitoring temperature and humidity in IDF closets, server rooms, data centers, and other areas with sensitive equipment or supplies
  • Monitoring performance of air conditioning and air filtration systems with proactive alerting from temp, humidity, PM 2.5, and TVOC sensors
  • Monitoring motion/occupancy and noise levels to detect activity or disturbances in areas where cameras are not tolerated - private spaces, conference rooms, hotel rooms, managed properties, bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, hospital rooms, etc.


Basic setup article

The Verkada SV11 will begin working immediately after it's claimed and plugged in, but you may want to tweak the settings. Before you do so, read through Verkada SV11 Settings Explained.

Viewing Data

The Verkada SV11 outputs data to a graph in Command for quick viewing. Check out this article for examples and explanations of the data you'll get from your sensor.

Note: For temperature calibration it typically takes 2-3 hours

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