Promoting a user to Access Manager
Can't see the Access side of Command? Make sure you are an Access Manager
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Access Managers are special user accounts that are able to view access control configurations. These will typically be utilized by management staff that will need to view events, doors, and users, but not modify configurations. See Access Admin if you need to be able to modify configurations. If you do not see the Access side of Command and should, have an Access Admin grant you those privileges using the steps below.


  • You must have Access Admin privileges

Method 1

To grant an existing user Access Manager rights go to All Products > Access and select the Access Users and Groups from the left-side menu.

Search for the user and select the desired user's name, then select Profile to make changes to the user's profile.

From the Profile page, open the dropdown displayed next to Access Role, and select Access Manager from the dropdown menu.

Method 1

From All Products, navigate to Admin

Select Users

Search for the user you want to promote then click on them. On the left, you should see the option to change the access role

Role of the Access Manager

Access Managers have limited capabilities of Access Admins. Access Managers can:

  • View the access portion of Command

  • View doors

  • Web-unlock doors for which the user has the appropriate permissions and is a Site Access Admin for

  • View, modify, create and deactivate access users

  • If the user is also an Organization Admin they can delete access users

  • Monitor current and historical access attempts

  • Create reports for historical access attempts

  • Change door schedules

  • Add & remove users from access groups

  • Delete access groups

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