Access control permissions determine which doors a user has access to as well as what times they can access them. Door access is managed by the access groups the user is assigned to. The Access Admin role can be assigned which gives the user permissions to manage doors, controllers, access, and users.

Access control permissions can be modified from the user's profile or from the Users page.


You must be logged in with a user account with Access Admin privileges modify user permissions.


Navigate to the Access > Users in Command.

The filter field in the top right can be used to locate the person by name or email address. Select the desired user's name, then select Profile to access and make changes to the user's profile.

The following access attributes can be modified:

  1. Add or Remove Groups assigns access control groups, which dictates door access
  2. Access Admin and Access Manager privileges can be assigned using the toggles
  3. Mobile toggle enables users to use the Verkada Pass phone app
  4. Entry Code can added for keypad entry
  5. Key Cards can be added, deactivated, or disabled

Modifying user permissions from the Users page

Click the checkbox by user's names to select the desired users and this will bring up a banner showing the changes that can be made.

  1. Select Groups to add the selected users to one or more access groups
  2. By selecting Assign Roles, access admin can be assigned or removed from the users
  3. Delete will remove the selected users

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