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Bulk Import and Export Access Control Users
Bulk Import and Export Access Control Users

Upload/download the CSV file to/from Command to quickly import/export user information in bulk

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Importing Access Control User Information

In order to more efficiently add or modify multiple access users simultaneously, a CSV file containing user information can be uploaded to Command.

Note: Bulk importing requires Access Admin permissions


Navigate to All Products > Access > Access Users, then click Manage > Import Users in the top right-hand corner.

Note: If you are trying to modify existing users, select Export Users to download the CSV of your existing users as a base for your import file. The format used in the export file is not the same as the import file.

In the import users menu, you can select Download to download the template CSV file and enter user information. Note that the exact headers (case sensitive) present in the template must be used in your uploaded CSV file.

To finalize the import select the CSV File or drag and drop the file into the box.

Once uploaded, any errors or warnings regarding the upload of the file will be displayed. These errors must be fixed before the import can complete. If no errors are present, you can click the Begin Import button.

Note: If attempting to modify existing users, select the Overwrite Existing Users checkbox. This will modify any users with emails matching those present in the CSV file, while ignoring entries in the CSV without an email.

Required Fields

At least one of the following fields is required to be populated for every row in the CSV file:

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • email

Note: The email field is required for users to access the Verkada Pass app as well as users that are assigned Access Admin and Access Manager roles.

Importing Card Numbers

If you are looking to add card numbers, the following fields are also required:

  • cardFormat

  • facilityCode (if the card format requires one)

  • cardNumber

Note: If the card format is Mifare or DESFire then you will also need to add a cardNumberHex column after the cardNumber column.

Bluetooth and Remote Unlock

When you are importing a user with remote unlock or bluetooth unlock enabled, it will send them an invitation email to download Verkada Pass.

Access Groups

You can populate the groups field with the names of all groups you'd like to add the user to. Note that the groups must exist in Command before import and the group name given in the CSV must match the group name in Command exactly.

A description of all other fields is shown below:

Note: Once the import is complete, the expected time for the configuration to be pushed to the Access Controller is around 5 minutes.

Sample CSV file

Below is a sample CSV file, please take note of the headers used, as the name, order, etc. of the fields must match exactly in your CSV.

[email protected],John,Smith,,,Admin,1233344,Admin,Standard 26-bit Wiegand,12,34567,,TRUE,
[email protected],Jane,Doe,,,,,Contractor,HID 37-bit,1412,213045,,TRUE,
[email protected],Chris,Green,,,,56789014,,HID 37-bit No Facility Code,,12005826123,,TRUE,
[email protected],Amy,Burch,,,,,,Casi Rusco 40-Bit,,89762389989,,FALSE,
,Fardeen,Contreras,,,,,,HID Corporate 1000-35,354,243548,,FALSE,
ashanti.[email protected],,,,,,,,HID Corporate 1000-48,939,980273,,FALSE,
darragh.mile[email protected],Darragh,Miles,,,,,,DESFire CSN,,,B90AC39F824,TRUE,
[email protected],Ayesha,Findlay,,,,,,MiFare 4-Byte (32 bit) CSN,,,2E87BA89,TRUE,
,Steph,Curry,,,,,,MDC Custom 64-bit,121,12,,TRUE,

Exporting Access Control User Information

We can export access user information including access credentials to a .csv file.


Navigate to All Products > Access > Access Users, then click Manage in the top right-hand corner. From here select Export Users. This will pull all the configurations for each user, place them into a .csv file, and it will send an email with this file to the email you are logged in as.

Note: The exported .csv will be emailed to the email address you are logged into the organization with and the link will only be valid for an hour.

You can now go ahead and download the .csv file and extract the required user information.

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