In today’s day and age of rapid change, there is a need for mobility now more than ever. With the Verkada camera solution, it is easy to set up a quick mobile station with a single or multiple cameras attached that can be taken down and deployed elsewhere within minutes. From construction applications to pop-up style infrastructure, this method can be used to accommodate many situations that may be encountered. 

Required Materials:

  • Camera stand or light stand (Can be purchased online or from most major music outlets) 

  • Verkada Camera (This example uses a D40)

  • Cat 5/6 cable 

  • Access to an internet connection

  • PoE Switch / PoE Injector (reference this article for more information)

  • Optionally, cameras can achieve a data connection utilizing a wireless bridge/point-to-point link

(Verkada camera connected to PoE Injector)

Using the drop ceiling screws present with your Verkada camera, please attach to the stand as depicted below. Please tighten until the camera is sturdy to the touch on the pole (Does not move, change position when force is applied, etc.) 

The camera should be fastened to the music stand with the wing nut provided in the box with the camera.

You will need a Cat 5/6 cable to power the camera and provide a data connection out to the Verkada cloud.  

As you can see below, this station can be moved efficiently and set up quickly for mobile applications. Note that this can also be achieved with outdoor camera models.

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