Before you can start using Motion Plotting, you will need to calibrate at least one camera on your floor plan. Motion heatmaps will only show on the floor plan for motion detected by cameras that have been calibrated.

A camera can only be calibrated if it has enough data. Cameras use images of people as data, and once a camera has captured enough images of people, it will be ready for calibration. Depending on the number of people your camera sees, this could take anywhere from a few hours to several days. It is recommended to place your camera in an area where people can be seen at least some of the time so that this data can be collected. The more people the camera sees in a given day, the sooner it will be ready for calibration.

For best results, the camera's field of view should be pointed straight down towards the floor/ground as much as possible. An angle of at least 70 degrees from horizontal is recommended.

Note: Cameras will need to be placed on the map for them to start collecting motion data. If the camera is removed from the floor plan it will reset its calibration

How to Calibrate Cameras

  1. Navigate to Maps.

  2. Select the floor plan where you wish to view Motion Plotting

  3. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner

  4. Click on Calibrate Cameras and select the camera you wish to calibrate.

  5. Click the blue next button in the bottom right corner

  6. Using the blue dashed-lined box, select the area that the largest area that the camera can see. Err on the side of a larger area rather than a smaller one. When you are finished, click the blue next button in the bottom right corner

  7. View where the numbered marker appears on the left image. Place this numbered marker on the floor plan on the right. Most of the numbered markers appear on people's feet, which should help you place it on the correct floor location on the floor plan. Repeat this step until you have completed plotting all the markers from the images on the left

  8. When you have finished plotting these markers, you will see a preview of multiple images on the left and the floor plan on the right. If you are satisfied, click Confirm and Exit

  9. The camera may take up to 90 minutes to calibrate. Once it has completed, you will be able to see motion for this camera plotted on the floor plan. Make sure you have Motion Plotting turned on. To do this, click the gear icon in the top right corner. Under Motion Display, select Motion Plotting

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