The Events page allows site admins to easily view all notifications sent from any camera you have admin access to. Site admins can then filter these notifications by date, notification type, camera name, or site. This feature provides site admins with the ability to easily pinpoint important events happening within their sites and find the relevant footage quickly.

Motion, crowd, and license plate recognition (LPR) notifications will only be seen for cameras that have motion notifications or crowd notifications enabled.

Finding Events


If you are a Site Admin, you can access notifications by selectig the Events section in the left-hand menu.

This page has more information about notifications including date and time, notification type, camera, site, and camera location. You can also use the column headers to filter notifications. Clicking on a notification will play the historical footage pertaining to the event.

Historical footage and thumbnails will only be accessible for the duration of the camera's retention.

Notification Filtering

Below is an example of how to navigate to this page and apply a filter to find the notification you are looking for.

Custom Event Filters

You can use the + Add Filter option to create a custom event filter. These filters allow users to configure a permanent filter they can use to curate the sites and event types that are most important to them. Custom event filters are only visible to the user who creates them. Notifications can also be configured separately for custom event filters.

Creating a Custom Event Filter

Select the + Add Filter option, and follow the steps in the resulting dialog box. First, select the site or sites whose cameras you wish to be included in this filter by clicking the checkbox next to the sites you wish to include.

Then, select the types of events that you wish to see in this filter.

Next, determine whether you would like to have notifications enabled for this filter. By default, you will receive both email and SMS notifications for events in your filter, but you may select the "Email" or "SMS" option to disable notifications through that method. If done successfully, the checkmark will show grey. You may also set a schedule for which times you would like to receive notifications.

Finally, name your filter.

Editing a Custom Event Filter

To edit a custom event filter, select the bell icon displayed next to the filter's name. Then, select Edit Filter.

Pause Notifications for a Custom Event Filter

To pause a custom event filter's notifications temporarily, select the bell icon displayed next to the filter's name. Then, select Pause Notifications and select a duration.

Remove a Custom Event Filter

To remove a custom event filter, select the bell icon displayed next to the filter's name, then select Delete Filter

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