Alerts Page
How to utilize the notifications page
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The Alerts page allows Site Admins to easily view all notifications sent from any camera you have admin access to. Site admins can then filter these notifications by date, notification type, camera name, or site. This feature provides site admins with the ability to easily pinpoint important events happening within their sites and find the relevant footage quickly.

Motion and crowd events will only be seen for cameras that have motion events or crowd notifications enabled.

Finding Events


If you are a Site Admin, you can access notifications by selecting the Alerts bell icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the menu.

This page has more information about notifications including date and time, notification type, camera, site, and camera location. Clicking on a notification will play the historical footage pertaining to the event.

Historical footage and thumbnails will only be accessible for the duration of the camera's retention.

Notification Filtering

Below is an example of how to navigate to this page and apply a filter to find the notification you are looking for.

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