Managing Your Environment

One potential challenge when deploying new surveillance infrastructure is the naming convention used to identify each camera. For management and documentation purposes, it is important to follow a naming convention guideline in order to ensure consistency throughout the organization. This preparedness will allow those managing the system to pull up relevant cameras efficiently with quick access to information such as the room number in which the camera is deployed, the direction the camera is facing, and the model of the camera in question.

One suggested naming convention follows the format: Direction - Model

For instance, if we have a CM61 camera deployed on the second floor near room 221 facing east, the naming convention for that camera would be:
 “2.221 East-CM61”

Alternatively, instead of using the room number it may be applicable to use the name or description of the nearest emergency exit to identify the camera. In the presented scenario, simply searching for 2.221 from within command would be unique enough to show as a first result for quick navigation. For smaller deployments, you can also use the name of the room that the camera is in or focused on followed by the model, this is the format used in our demo environment. 

Multiple Site Deployments

For multiple-site deployments, it may be best to lead camera titles with a site name to easily differentiate geographic locations. For instance, in our example above, let us imagine that this is a school. Our previous naming convention was “2.221 East-CM61”. This is great for a single site, but what if I have a room 221 on the second floor at multiple locations? This is where adding the site name becomes important. In this example, begin with the school building name, assume that this deployment is for Lincoln Elementary. The naming convention would change to:“Lincoln - 2.21 East - CM61”

By simply typing “Lincoln” in the global search, you will be able to easily find all cameras associated with that particular site with the option to narrow down search results with subsequent parameters. Please be sure to mention any specific needs or questions during the sales process and we will be happy to help with any deployment scenarios. 

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