All Verkada devices encrypt data at rest and in transit. All communication is done over Port 443 making outbound connections to AWS only.

No port-forwarding is required to operate and use a Verkada camera.

Data at Rest (Locally on Camera)

30+ days of video is securely encrypted on the solid-state storage of the camera using AES 128-bit encryption.

Data in Transit

Thumbnails, firmware updates, and settings are securely transmitted between the cloud and device using AES 128-bit encryption, TLS v1.2, and RSA2048.

Data at Rest (AWS)

Archived videos, user history, and audit logs are securely stored in AWS using AES 256-bit encryption

Secure Access Across Platforms

Verkada provides integration with SAML identity providers for use with single sign-on, mobile authentication. Additionally, Verkada supports the use of 2-factor authentication and SCIM 2.0 provisioning. Read more about User Identity Management.

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