We're excited to share three enhancements to our platform - a new Live-Only Viewer Role, the ability to add cameras to an Organization using the iOS mobile app, and Backpack Detection within our People Analytics tool.

Live-Only Viewer Role

The Live-Only Viewer Role gives customers more granular role-based access to their entire network of cameras. For Organization Admins and Site Admins who want to give Users access to live footage without any other capabilities, the Live-Only Viewer Role will provide this needed functionality.

Users with a Live-Only Viewer Role for a particular Site or Group will be able to:

  • View live footage from cameras
  • Create and view a grid
  • Utilize digital zoom
  • View basic camera settings (read-only)
  • View the Map and any Floor Plans

Users with a Live-Only Viewer Role for a particular Site or Group will not be able to: 

  • View historical footage
  • View Timelapse
  • Take snapshots of footage
  • Run Motion Search, Person Search or Face Search
  • Share footage
  • View or create archived footage
  • View historical camera statistics
  • Edit camera settings

The Live-Only Viewer Role can be granted to Users in the same way that Roles are granted today. To learn how to grant the Live-Only Viewer Role while adding a User to an Organization, read this article. To learn how to grant the Live-Only Viewer Role to an existing User for a Site / Group, read this article.

Camera Install on iOS Mobile App

We added an "Add Camera" button to the left navigation bar of the iOS mobile app, visible to Organization Admins. Clicking this button starts a flow to add a camera to an Organization, and there is an option to either scan the QR code for the camera or to enter the serial number manually.

During this flow, the following can be edited:

  • Camera Name
  • Site that the camera is part of (Note: A new Site can be added as well)
  • Camera Location
  • Rotation

In addition, the ability to autofocus the camera is available, if applicable. Finally, at the end of the flow, there is an option to add another camera if desired.

Read more about adding a camera using the iOS mobile app here.

Backpack Detection

Users can now use the built-in Person Search capability within our People Analytics tool to find all the people wearing backpacks in frame. Simply click on the "Backpacks" button to enable the filter.

Read more about People Analytics here.

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