Using 802.1X with Verkada cameras
Updated over a week ago

Using 802.1X on Verkada cameras can be achieved by using MAC-based authentication which is also known as MAB (MAC authentication bypass). Most modern-day RADIUS servers support this configuration and can be implemented by creating a new policy on a AAA server.

How does MAB work? 

When MAB is enabled on a switch port,  that port will first check if the connected device is 802.1X compliant. If the device doesn't respond, the switch will try to authenticate the connected device with a AAA server by using the MAC address as the username/password. 

Before this can work successfully, a systems administrator must configure their RADIUS server to authenticate the MAC address as an allowed device. 

How do I know what the MAC address of a Verkada camera is? 

All Verkada cameras start with a unique MAC OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier) which starts with E0:A7:00. The full MAC address can be viewed by looking at the bottom of any Verkada camera when the mount is removed as well as on the Devices page.  

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