Managing organization-wide settings is easy, simply go to your Verkada Command on your favorite browser and follow these instructions. This section is only accessible to organization admins.

Choose the organization you wish to manage and select org-wide Settings

Click the gear icon to open the Settings window

Configure organization-wide Settings

Under organization-wide settings you can apply to following configuration which apply to every user in the organization.

  • Define a Default page when users log in
  • Choose to Show or hide the All Cameras grid
  • Set the Maximum archive duration (5 minutes is the default 5 hours is maximum) that users can create
  • Disable cloud backup globally which prevents admins from enabling cloud backup on all cameras in the org
  • Set the Default Camera Playback Quality from SD to HD for all cameras. Users will still be able to set their own video quality

Be sure to click Save when you are done.

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