Verkada actively monitors system health and displays camera status in your Command account. Green means the camera is operational and is recording; orange means the camera has gone offline or is otherwise experiencing technical issues.

Notifications enabled through this process are enabled for your user account only, and other users must enable these notifications themselves.

Verifying phone number and email

To receive notifications to your email or via SMS you first need to verify your email and enter a phone number. To do this:

  • Click the name of the organization at the top left corner

  • Click the Account Settings link

  • Enter your phone number and click Save

  • Enter in the 6 digit verification code that is sent to your phone

If your email address says Email address not verified click the link to verify your email.

Set up notifications in the browser

  • Select the Events page on the left-hand menu

  • Next to Cameras, select the bell icon

  • Choose SMS, Email, or both next to Camera Status

The notifications options are listed below:

Mobile push notifications with Verkada App

  • Select the > icon on the right edge of the screen

  • Select Push Notification Settings

  • Select Camera Status so the icon button slides to the right

Note: Notifications can take up to an hour to send once alert conditions have been met.

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