This article will show you how to properly install a Verkada D80 camera using the Verkada Arm Mount (ACC-MNT-2) and Pendant Cap (ACC-MNT-1).

This video shows a complete installation

Installation steps

Step 1. Screw the pendant cap to the arm mount

Step 2. Unbox the camera and prepare all the needed items

Items needed: 

  • Verkada D80 camera

  • ACC-MNT-2 with the provided B screws

  • T10 Torx security screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 3. Remove the dome from the camera

Step 4. Remove the wall mount plate

In order to get the D80 onto the pendant cap, you will need to remove the wall mount plate with a Phillips screw driver. Save the three screws for Step 5.

Step 5. Mount Camera to Pendant Cap

Use the three screws from Step 4 to mount the camera to the pendant cap as demonstrated in the video below. Pass the ethernet cable through the pass-through hole and tighten the three screws.

Step 6. Install the cable gland

Install the cable gland to create a water tight seal. Ensure the nut is fully and properly tightened. The orientation of the nut, cable gland, and Ethernet cable are shown below.

Note that no threads from the nut should be visible, and that the grey cable gland should slightly protrude through the nut. The Ethernet cable should be secure and you should not be able to pull it.

Step 7. Install the desiccant pack

Open the desiccant pack, peel off the double sided tape, and affix the pack to the appropriate location as indicated on the camera mount. The desiccant pack must be installed to prevent condensation. 

Step 8. Install the dome 

Align the dome to the camera body and secure the screws using the Torx screw driver. 

No cable should be visible through the dome and the tolerance should be tight. 

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