Here's the rundown on what our Product and Eng teams have recently delivered...

  • Local Grids — all users now have the ability to define the default video quality for a grid.  Choosing Local means that all cameras on the same LAN will stream over the local network with low latency.  Users also have the ability to choose Live streams, which deliver low latency even over a cloud connection.  Learn how to set the default video quality here.
  • Audio support for D40s — Audio is now supported for all D40s.  To learn how to enable audio, read this article
  • Pause and frame by frame — Pausing and incrementing a single frame is now supported on the keyboard.  Simply hit the space bar and arrow keys in History Player.
  • Delete camera — We added a Delete button on the Cameras page for Site Administrators. For protection of critical data, we have included a confirmation page to make sure that users don’t delete cameras accidentally. As a reminder, deleting a camera removes all footage and metadata from the Command platform (archives, historical thumbnails, etc.) and deletes all footage stored on the camera. Once a camera is deleted, neither the user nor Verkada support or engineering staff will be able to retrieve footage for that camera from Command or from the camera. Read more about the delete button in this article
  • Archives — Archives are now sorted from newest to oldest, making it easier to find recent clips.

That's it for this week, stay tuned here for more updates!

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