Site admins have the ability to delete a camera. Deleting a camera can be used to accomplish two things:

  1. Remove a camera from your organization.
  2. Erase all recorded footage and start over.

Important: Deleting a camera from Command will erase all of its recorded footage!

Deleting a Camera

Sometimes you need to remove a camera from your account either because you want to use it in a different organization or it is no longer needed. Follow the steps below to delete a camera from your organization.
Note: if you plan to re-add the camera, make sure you document the camera's serial number.

  1. Navigate to the Cameras page
  2. Put your cursor over the camera you want to remove
  3. Click the trashcan icon
  4. When the Delete Camera window appears click Continue
  5. Enter the verification code and click Delete

Deleting cameras in bulk

  1. Navigate to the Cameras page
  2. Click the box next to the cameras you want to delete
  3. Click Delete cameras at the top of the page
  4. Enter the 6 digit code to confirm that you want to delete the cameras

Resetting a Camera

If you need to erase footage on a camera and start over, first follow the steps to delete the camera. Once the camera is removed, click Add Device to re-add the camera back into your organization. 

Note: This option resets the camera name, site, camera settings and map location

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