Offline Mode allows you to securely view live feeds from you camera in the event Internet connectivity is lost during your session.

For Offline Mode to function the following criteria must be met prior to loss of Internet connectivity:

  • The security certificate for your organization must be installed on your Apple TV
  • Your Apple TV must be on the same LAN as the cameras
  • You Apple TV must be logged in and have an active session with Command

Installing Verkada Offline Certificate to Apple TV via a link

Offline mode has four provisioning steps:

  1. Acquire the link to the Apple TV security certificate
  2. Download security certificate through Apple TV
  3. Ensure Verkada Apple TV app is up to date (v18 or higher)
  4. Run Offline Streaming Test to ensure local connectivity

The Apple TV certificate (tvOS) is the same for all Verkada customers. These steps will need to be repeated for each Apple TV where you plan to use Offline Mode.

Step 1. Acquire the link to the Apple TV security certificate by contacting Verkada support.

Offline Mode requires the installation of a security certificate. Please contact support to acquire the certificate link.

Step 2. Install the Verkada Certificate into your Apple TV

  1. On the Apple TV, go to Settings → General → Privacy and highlight “Share Apple TV Analytics”
  2. Press the Play button on the Siri Remote (Apple TV Remote)
  3. Click Add Profile and enter the URL acquired in Step 1 (the URL from Verkada Support) of the configuration profile
  4. Click Done

5. Click Install

6. Click "Install" again. Note that our profile will only include the warnings about “Unmanaged Root Certificate” and “Unsigned Profile.”

7. Click "Install" yet again.

8. Click "Done"

9. Specifically enable the root certificate in Settings → General → About → Certificate Trust Settings.

10. In Certificate Trust Settings, click on the Verkada Certificate

11. It will pop up with a message indicating whether you want to continue the installation, click on "Continue"

12. Once completed, it should show "Trusted" on the right side of the certificate name. 

Step 3. Run Offline Streaming Test to ensure local connectivity

Once the security certificate is installed you need to identify which cameras can be accessed offline from your current location.

1. Navigate to the Verkada Apple TV app and open it

2. Go to the Settings gear icon in the upper right

3. Scroll down and click on the "Test Offline Mode" button

4. Here you will see the report from the Apple TV letting you know which cameras it will be able to see in Offline mode.

Each status is defined below:

  • Offline mode available: Camera is accessible to your device in offline mode
  • Not reachable locally: Local streaming needs to be enabled on the camera OR the current camera is not on the current local area network (LAN).
  • Certificate not installed: Issue making a secure connection to camera with current certificate
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