Offline Mode allows you to securely view live feeds from your camera in the event Internet connectivity is lost during your session.

For Offline Mode to function the following criteria must be met prior to loss of Internet connectivity:

  • The security certificate for your organization must be installed in your browser
  • Your device must be on the same LAN as the cameras
  • You device's browser must be logged in and have an active session with Command

Offline mode has three provisioning steps:

  1. Download security certificate
  2. Install security certificate
  3. Run test to ensure offline mode connectivity

A certificate is unique to each organization and needs to be installed on each device to access cameras offline. These steps will need to be repeated for each organization and device where you plan to use Offline Mode. 

Download security certificate

Offline Mode requires the installation of a security certificate. The certificate is downloaded from Command and is unique to each organization. 

  1. Click on your organization name and then select Profile
  2. Find the section Offline Mode 
  3. Click Download Certificate, to obtain the security certificate "VerkadaOfflineMode.crt" file for your organization

Install security certificate

The KB at the link below shows how to install the security certificate file
Installing a security certificate in Chrome and Firefox
Installing security certificate for Offline Mode (Firefox) on Windows 10

Run test to ensure offline mode connectivity

Once the security certificate is installed you need to identify which cameras can be accessed offline from your current location.

  1. Click on your organization name and then select Profile
  2. Find the section Offline Mode
  3. Click Test Offline Connectivity 

A popup will appear indicating the offline accessibility status for each camera in your organization.

  • Offline mode available: Camera is accessible to your device in offline mode
  • Not on the same network: Camera is not reachable the local area network (LAN).
  • Local streaming is not enabled: Local streaming needs to be enabled on the camera
  • Certificate not installed: Issue making a secure connection to camera with current certificate

Operating in offline mode

When you are in offline mode a banner will appear stating you are currently in offline mode. Offline Mode is available when viewing individual camera live feeds, grids and sites.

Camera live feed in offline mode

Grid view in offline mode
Note: It can take up to 30 seconds for a Grid to start playing in offline mode

Sites view if offline mode

Once internet access is restored the banner will show you are back online

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