Video Security Just Got More Actionable

Building on the success of our recent People and Vehicle Detection launch, Verkada is happy to introduce Motion Notifications. This feature proactively provides valuable security information to customers—without requiring active monitoring. Adding this powerful functionality is another step in the continuous evolution of Verkada cameras, which help organizations strengthen their safety and increase their operational productivity.

Instructions on configuring Motion Notifications can be found here.

Get Intelligent Alerts About Relevant Events

Using onboard analytics, Verkada cameras with Motion Notifications enabled will constantly monitor the selected activity zones. When movement is detected, customizable filters and added intelligence ensure that users are only notified about actionable motion events.

Alerts are sent to all Verkada users with access to the camera who have turned on notifications in their settings. Notifications will be sent by SMS or email, depending on the user preference. Email notifications include a snapshot of the motion so that recipients can easily see a preview of what happened. Users can then click through to Command to view a 20-second clip of the motion event. Within Command, users can take snapshots, zoom, or archive the clip within their account.

Motion Notifications will help make video security something that not only proactively monitors physical spaces, but also saves time and increases the effectiveness of security and facilities personnel.

For additional information, check out the associated blog post

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