Got Crooked Images?

In an effort to provide even better solutions to all of our users, we work continuously to overcome even minor issues. A specific one that the team at Verkada has been working to resolve is the problem of crooked images.

Our latest innovation is yet another way we’re simplifying installation, deployment and maintenance processes—regardless of whether that work is done by partners or customers.


Currently, we are working to improve straightening by introducing auto-leveling capabilities. This will simplify the process of getting a good framing by eliminating the need for manual micro-adjustments to the mounting of our D40 and D80 cameras.

We have designed the new solution to work by using an accelerometer, which incorporates the force of gravity and any other potential position-altering effects, to determine the physical orientation of the camera when it’s installed on a wall. The camera will be able to automatically rotate the image to compensate for whatever degree of rotation is necessary.

For our customers, the value is clear. While it once may have taken a few minutes to level each camera every time it’s installed, moved or redeployed, that process now takes no time at all. Auto-Leveling eliminates the added time that would be spent to adjust those cameras and enables IT teams to focus on other priorities.

Instructions on how to enable Auto-Leveling can be found here

For additional information, check out the associated blog post

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