Organizations allow you to manage Command for separate entities using the same set of credentials. With organizations, you can seamlessly switch between different accounts without having to manage multiple sets of credentials or login each time. 

Add a new organization

  1. Navigate to Settings on the upper left drop down menu. 
  2. Click Manage Organizations.
  3. Click Create new organization in the Your Organizations box. 
  4. Enter an organization name in the Your Organizations box and click Create.

The newly created organization will show up in the organization drop down in the upper left corner. 

Once a new organization is created you can add cameras, sites and users.

Delete an organization

Only users with Organization Admin privileges can delete their organization(s) in Command

**IMPORTANT: deleting an organization cannot be undone, so be sure to review your organization settings carefully before proceeding. 

  1. Go to the organization you'd like to delete and select Settings
  2. Click the trashcan icon next to the Organization's name
  3. To complete the deletion process, type "I confirm" in the dialog box and click "Confirm"

Rename an organization

  1. Select the organization you want to rename from the organization list in the upper left corner and click Settings.
  2. Click the pencil icon where next to the organization name.
  3. Enter a new organization name in the Change your organization's name box
  4. Click Save.

The new name will instantly be reflected in the organization drop down.

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