Share archived video clips

Users with Admin privileges can now share recorded video clips via SMS text and link. Previously, this was only possible for sharing live video. 

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Add notes to archived video clips

To help you stay organized, we've added the ability to add notes to recorded video clips. Use this field to add details about key events and incidents.

Add recipient name for video links

When sharing video, you can now add a recipient or group name to the "Recipient Name" field. This optional field is designed to help keep track of the people who have received a link — it won't be visible to anyone outside of your Command account. 

UX updates for video archiving

Retrieving video clips from the camera uses bandwidth to send the video to Command's cloud service. Depending on the file size and available bandwidth, this process may take anywhere from a few seconds to a number of hours. To give users a better sense of what to expect, we've added UX improvements that now display the following information before, and during, the video retrieval process:

  • Estimated video file size
  • What portion of the video clip (if any) is already available in Command's cloud service
  • Progress status

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