When a Verkada camera detects a tamper event, it immediately begins a cloud backup process. The camera uploads to the cloud: (1) live video of the unfolding event, (2) thumbnails, and (3) recorded video from a minute prior to when tampering was first detected. This process maximizes the probability that you’ll get a clear image of the person(s) who are perpetrating the vandalism.

To enable Tamper Detection Alerts:

  1. Click the top right corner where the bell icon and click See All Notifications to go to the Notifications page.
  2. Click the gear icon near the bell icon to manage your Notification Settings

Additionally, you can set up notifications to be sent via SMS and/or email when a tamper event is detected. Read more about setting up notifications.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Verkada cameras are installed using Torx security screws, which decreases the risk that someone will be able to get the camera off its mount
  • Even in the unlikely case that someone does get their hands on your camera, video data is fully encrypted and will be impossible to decrypt or view (see here for more information
  • Because video is stored on each camera, Verkada systems eliminate having a single point of failure such as an NVR or DVR
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