Here's how to share a link to your camera's video stream via SMS text and email. Related reading: How to embed a camera's feed in a webpage.

Share via SMS

In Command, go to the camera that you’d like to share and click the share icon at the bottom of the frame.

To send the link via SMS, enter the recipient's mobile number. (For international numbers, select the country's flag using the dropdown menu.) 

By default, the link will automatically expire 1 hour after it's created. You can change the expiration time/date by selecting the "Expiration" dropdown menu and changing the selection. 

To send the link, click "Send." The recipient will receive an SMS message that looks like this:

By clicking the link in the SMS message, the recipient will be taken to a mobile webpage with the camera's live stream as well as searchable historical video. 

Share via Email Link

If you need to share the camera's live feed with multiple people at once, select the "By Link" option. Set your desired expiration time/date and click "Create."

Command will generate a link, which you can then copy/paste into an email or other application.

Important Notes

When a link to a camera's video feed is shared, it will default to a 300 kbps standard definition stream, which typically has a 10-12 second delay. Your recipients will have the option to switch into Verkada's low latency stream, which has a < 1 second delay —depending on the recipient's network connection, however, the low latency stream may be lower quality.

Also, please note that these live links will be visible to any person who has access to them, so we recommend that you share camera feeds only with authorized personnel and external parties, such as first responders and law enforcement. And, as a best practice, allow access only for as long as the recipient requires. 

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