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What happens if somebody steals my camera?
What happens if somebody steals my camera?
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[vdeloulay 11/29/23] This content has been moved to Tamper Detection and Notifications and is no longer a standalone article.

Verkada cameras combine both physical protection and the advantages of the cloud to protect against vandalism.

Most outdoor camera models are rated IK10, the highest level of vandal resistance possible. In the event that someone tampers with a camera, the accelerometer built into the lens of the camera will detect this activity and send an immediate alert to the designated user(s). You can enable tamper alerts by following the steps in this article.

Upon detecting a tamper event, the camera will also begin uploading the most recent footage to the cloud in full resolution, ensuring you will get the last moments accessible from Verkada Command. In addition, all thumbnails and metadata are automatically backed up to the cloud every 20 seconds and would be available if a camera were taken offline.

If someone is successfully able to steal your camera, they will not be able to access any of its footage because it is encrypted (AES + RSA). If the camera is still operational and is reconnected to a network, you will gain access and be able to retrieve your footage.

Note: DO NOT remove your camera from your account if it has been stolen. Doing so will allow another user the ability to claim it to their organization.

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