To enhance the security of your organization's account, Verkada offers a number of different options.


Verkada integrates with most mainstream single sign-on providers, including Okta, Onelogin, Google Business Apps and others. To have this feature enabled on your account, please contact your Verkada account manager.

2-Factor Authentication

If you don't use a SAML-based identify management service, you can enhance your organization's account security by requiring your users provide a second factor when authenticating into their accounts. 

To get started, go to Settings on the top of the left menu.

Then, click "Enable" option for 2-factor authentication.

You and your users will be prompted to re-enter your account password. From here, follow the steps to finish configuration.

Note that Verkada's standard 2-factor authentication options support both SMS text and authenticator apps for mobile devices. If you are adding 2-factor for PCI compliance reasons, be sure to check the latest standards as mobile authenticator apps may be your preferred option. 

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